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​For years, when it comes to shingle roof installation, the question has been:
 Hand-Nail vs. Nail Gun?

All things considered, the way shingles are secured is the most important part of the roof!

At Krueger Roofing, the answer is hand-nail. We've tried nail guns in the past, but went back to hand-nailing. Nail guns didn't produce the proper results hand-nailing achieved  so the nail guns have been collecting dust in our shop. Many years are required to become skilled at hand-nailing. Rick has over 45 years of experience and has a trained proficient crew.

Nail guns can possibly speed productivity and require less effort. Time training new crew members on the use of nail guns vs hand-nailing may be reduced. They're used a lot on new construction or with crews that bang out a roof in less than a day and move on to the next one. However, a roofer skilled at hand-nailing can nail as fast as a roofer with a nail gun. After doing the same preparation work; a crew using nail guns is still getting their compressor, extension cords and air hoses set up, while a crew that hand-nails can already be busy at work. 

Although it's possible to achieve a properly installed roof using a nail gun; the pressure must be constantly monitored and adjusted to compensate for changes in roof temperature,  substrate variations and roofing materials used. It's difficult to maintain correct pressure throughout the day. Too often, pressures are not set correctly, resulting in  inconsistency in nail depth. Nails are "under driven" or "over driven". If a nail is "under driven", it's not flush and sticks up into the shingle above. This can cause tears and leaks. The installer has to stop and hammer in the nails. This is why pressures are typically set a bit higher. If a nail is "over driven", it can tear a shingle all the way through, making shingles vulnerable to strong winds and severe weather conditions. 

Nailing areas on shingles are very small, but, nail placement is extremely important. Manufacturer's warranties can be invalid from an improperly installed roof by nails either over or under driven, or placed outside of the nailing strip, causing reduced wind resistance. With hand-nailing, you see the proper placement of each nail and can feel the nail biting the wood (not evident with a nail gun). If the nail misses between boards, it can be removed and re-positioned. Missed nails can cause problems later if not immediately corrected. They can push out, causing shingles to rise or leakage.

Many may believe the practice of hand-nailing was nearly extinct. But in fact, in several areas of the country, hand-nailing is on the increase and contractors are charging a premium! 

Nail guns can be a useful tool in the application of lumber and other construction materials, but at Krueger Roofing, we believe hand-nailing shingle roofs is optimal for achieving a quality installation. We hand-nail roofs for our customers as part of the craftsmanship we provide in every job. 
Example of over driven nails 
Example of improperly placed nail
Example of under driven nail 
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Example of over driven nails - shingles slid off in sheets from wind